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Interns are a big help to a growing start up

Written by admin February 1, 2019 0 comment

Demosarte is a growing marketplace for works of art, and its owners, Patrik and Pia Edman, are drowning in work. They have received much welcomed young and fresh views from students for example on marketing.

No more than two years ago, there was digital a gap in the Finnish art market: there was no national online service where you could sell your art.

– We had the idea in the spring of 2016 when we met an artist, who had no money, but had storage full of art. The artist didn’t know how to market or sell this art. We noticed that there was no extensive, high quality marketplace for art, Patrik Edman describes.

This was the beginning of the company Demosarte Oy and its online art marketplace, Taiko. Today, Taiko presents more than 540 artists, and is the largest marketplace for Finnish art, serving both private and incorporated byers. Taiko is also going international with its service.

Buying art is a growing trend. Both private people and companies invest in sustainable and permanent acquisitions and, at the same time, want to support the artists and the Finnish culture.

– We are providing artists with the knowledge they lack and buyers with an easy way to purchase art. Many younger people for example do not know, where to search for and buy art, Patrik Edman summarises.

Social media a very important channel

– We know how we can reach customers in their 30s and 40s, but have not previously had experience on what appeals to the twenty-somethings, says Pia Edman.

Taiko has had great benefit from working with students for example in reaching younger customers. The company has cooperated with several schools. Cultural Management students from the Humak University of Applied Sciences made a marketing video for Taiko. The company has also had interns from Åbo Akademi University and the Arts Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

– We are still using the marketing video that was produced and made by the Cultural Management students, Patrik says.

– They were clearly focused on producing high quality from the start, and the resulting video was very professional, Pia adds.

University cooperation in substantial role in first steps of the company

According to Pia, since Demosarte is still in its start up phase, their marketing budget is very limited. Patrik points out that student-company cooperation benefits both parties.

– We get inspired and good quality workers, whose fields of study support the work tasks. At the same time, the interns get valuable work experience, Patrik says.

Because of the small size of the company, the owners can assure that the students get to do almost everything during their three-month internship. They also get paid for overtime, and the camera operator got paid in the marketing video project.– Two interns have continued working for us alongside their studies. We pay them through a self-employment invoicing service, which helps us lower our employer costs and gives the students flexibility in their changing life situations, Patrik concludes.

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