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Cricket food from Entis conquering the world

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An intern from a Danish university is doing market research for Entis. The young company has received a fair amount of trainee applications and thesis suggestions from university students. A company with good values gets the attention of young adults.

A bottle of smoothie is placed in front of me. It smells like mango puree, but this smoothie includes something else than just mango and ginger: there are twelve ground crickets in the bottle. There is also a bag of chocolates on the table, and inside a ball of chocolate a surprise: a whole dried cricket. The feeling is similar to eating a waffle covered in chocolate.

After all, eating crickets is not so bad.

This is the realization that Entis would like people to reach with their easy-to-approach snacks, such as smoothies and chocolates. According to one of the founding members of Entis, Samuli Taskila, eating insects is quite normal in other parts of the world, but still frowned upon in the western countries.

There are several compelling arguments to favor insects as food. Crickets are high in protein and B12 vitamin. Also, their production creates 98% less greenhouse gasses and requires substantially less water than meat production.

Cricket company a compelling place for interns

Entis has piqued many students’ interest as a possible place to intern. The company will, however, not hire an intern, if there are no meaningful tasks to do.

– We want the intern to be genuinely useful to our company. It is also fair from the interns’ perspective that they can do meaningful work here, not just make coffee, says one of the founding members, Iida Hokkanen.

Entis was founded by five students in early 2017. The multidisciplinary group met at a start up course, a joint effort of Turku universities. The team has diversified experience, which is why they, at the moment, have no need for student interns. As the company grows, however, they will gladly work with the universities.

– We have a Slovakian student from a Danish university doing a paid internship at the moment. The intern is doing market research covering European countries, and the work is very useful for our company, Samuli Taskila says.

The founding members also still in school

Students of industrial design did a project where they designed packages for the Entis product range.

– Although the designs did not go into production, the project was very useful to us. We had a lot of discussion for example on how much the crickets should be visible in the packages, Hokkanen describes.

The founding members are still in school and have just recently paid themselves their first salaries. Iida Hokkanen, for example, has now begun to work for the company full time.

– Now that we are able to put in much more of our own time, we are actually getting a lot done with this team, says Hokkanen.


Original text: Anniina Virtanen, English translation: Tanja Kiviniemi

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