• Brainstorming to develop your operations.

    Does your business need rapid, maybe even a bit wild ideas for renewing your business operations, for productisation or marketing, or maybe for something else?

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  • Student projects to implement the ideas.

    Does your business have, for example, a need for a productisation project or for market research, or maybe you want help in planning a stand for a fair, or building your website?

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  • Inspirational camps to develop your operations.

    As a client, you have an opportunity to offer multidisciplinary student groups a task or a challenge they can start to tackle with different innovation methods.

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Recruit a student.

Your business can gain new ideas, perspectives, and, above all, knowledge to develop its operations by recruiting students to write a short report, work in a project or with a more comprehensive assignment. Before recruiting students, you should have a clear assignment so that it is possible to find the right people for it. After you contact us, a meeting is appointed. In this meeting, the scope of the assignment and the needed resources are charted. After the meeting, a participating student or students, depending on the scope of the assignment, are chosen.

Latest knowledge straight from the universities.

From the point of view of business operation development, local universities are among the most important possible partners. University-business cooperation is often linked with the economic or operational development of a business. The aim is to genuinely utilise the results in business operation development. Do not hesitate, contact us!

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